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Abhi Samantapudi

Abhi Samantapudi, M.E.T. ’21

Major: EECS + Business

Home Town: Novi, MI

High School: Novi High School, Novi, MI

Internship: Venrock, Palo Alto, CA

From an early age Abhi Samantapudi embraced both leadership and entrepreneurialism.  During high school he founded a nonprofit tutoring group and recruited 14 volunteers to help students at Detroit public schools. He also worked as a business analyst for a startup and won public speaking and economics contests at the national and state level.

At UC Berkeley he is exploring his joint interests in venture capital and smart home technology, for which his dual degree in EECS and Business from the Berkeley M.E.T. program is a perfect fit.

“One of the best experiences I have had is seeing how supportive and encouraging the Berkeley alumni network is. For example, I contacted alumni members working in venture capital and when they heard I was from M.E.T. they were happy to give advice on the phone or invite me to lunch.”

 Why M.E.T.

“It’s clear that the future economy will require both in-depth technical and business skills. With the M.E.T. simultaneous degree program, you gain both a supportive community that is willing to invest in you, and a prime location in the United States near Silicon Valley. That combination is really attractive.”

Activities at CAL

M.E.T. Student Board, President

Venture Strategy Solutions Student-Run Consulting Group, Market Strategy and Product Feasibility for Buzzcamp and Joy

High School Accomplishments

  • Detroit Tutoring Program, Founder and President
  • Hindsight Inc., Business Analyst
  • Michigan DECA, State President, State Champion and International Qualifier
  • Dale Carnegie, Graduate Assistant
  • North South Foundation National Conference, First Place, Senior Public Speaking
  • National Economics Challenge, Ninth Place Nationally (David Ricardo Division), First Place Michigan

What I Like Most About Berkeley

“At Berkeley we are exposed to a diverse group of people. This not only helps me think beyond myself and build empathy for others, it also helps me build technology that can have an impact and improve people’s lives. Especially with consumer products, I need to understand what problems every person faces, not just people who think like me.”

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