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Abhinav Ashar

Abhinav Ashar, M.E.T. ’21

Major: EECS + Business

Home Town: Houston, TX

High School: Cypress Woods High School, Cypress, Texas

Abhinav Ashar finds strength and satisfaction when he is helping others and will tackle challenges both big and small. When he arrived at UC Berkeley, he and friends streamlined access to dorm recreation equipment by creating an automated storage system. After a friend lost his young brother to asphyxiation, Abhinav co-founded a startup that improved pulse oximeters for children by making them into wearables.

Now, he hopes to devote those problem-solving skills to a career in technology product management. His EECS + Business dual degree from the Berkeley M.E.T. program provides the flexibility and breadth of training his goal requires.

“There are a lot of smart, highly motivated people here who really inspire me to learn and try new things. It’s also extremely diverse. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world.”

Why M.E.T.

“The M.E.T. program is a great fit for product management, as there is a big need for people who can understand both sides of the business/engineering table. Here at UC Berkeley, I can get a degree from both an extremely strong business school and an extremely strong engineering department. I also picked M.E.T. because this is a small, highly specialized program—the M.E.T. staff really takes care of us and helps us to succeed.”

Activities at CAL

Berkeley Business Society, team consulting for Salesforce
CSM, computer science tutoring for UC Berkeley students
Cal Hacks hackathon

Inside Berkeley / M.E.T.

“We have a lot of opportunities to connect and network with speakers. For example, the CEO of Pivotal came in and talked to our M.E.T. cohort. These are great experiences not available to everyone.”

High School Accomplishments

  • Lyfeband, a health startup, co-founder
  • Destination Imagination, global finalist
  • Houston Youth Symphony, clarinet
  • US Presidential Scholars Nominee
  • Science Olympiad winner


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