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The M.E.T. student

You’re ready. So are we.

The Management, Engineering, & Technology program is for students like you — students who want to:

  • Solve problems as a critical thinker, grounded in math, science and the liberal arts.
  • Move from the “what if” to the “here’s how” as an innovator and entrepreneur.
  • Open up pathways to careers that call for a dual understanding of both business and engineering.

M.E.T. challenges all aspects of your intellectual curiosity and your can-do initiative. Chances are you’ve already been in honors programs and advanced placement courses. You know what it takes to work hard and excel. M.E.T. takes that a step further, giving you the freedom to test yourself in real-world situations.

You’re in a hurry to prove yourself. You’re ready to stretch your expertise and strengthen your skills. After all, even the coolest tech invention won’t take you very far if you don’t have the knowledge to transform it into a proof of concept, a new product or even your own start-up.

Some M.E.T. graduates will start their own companies; others will lead innovation from within established enterprises. Wherever you want to go, M.E.T. will get you there.

“I always knew that I wanted to pursue a mix and engineering and business to learn technical skills but also become equipped with the business savvy to market those products. I felt that the M.E.T. program was created just for me.”
Arvind Sridhar, M.E.T.'21


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