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Ask an M.E.T. student



Aayush Dave (ME + Business, 2023) is from Houston, TX. In high school, Aayush founded a youth government organization and served in state and national level leadership positions. At Berkeley, Aayush has joined on-campus accelerator Berkeley SkyDeck as an intern and teaches the Berkeley SkyDeck DeCal. He is the Business Development VP of the Space Enterprise @ Berkeley rocketry team, member of the MET Admissions & Marketing Committee, and thoroughly enjoys how his student organization involvement, leadership roles, and ME + Business dual degree create an amazing college experience. His email is:


Aishwarya Mahesh (IEOR + Business, 2023)is from San Diego, CA. At Cal, Aishwarya found herself deep in Berkeley’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and is currently co-founding a startup of her own. In high-school, Aishwarya realized her fascination for AI/ML technology when she took up an internship at NIST, researching fairness in AI/ML algorithms. She has continued to pursue this research at Cal with professors in the IEOR department. Aishwarya believes that her experiences in the M.E.T. will provide her with the intellectual breadth and problem-solving abilities to prepare her for a future as an entrepreneur and technology innovator. Her email is:


Amy Guo (EECS + Business, 2022) is from Irvine, CA. Since coming to Berkeley, Amy has spent much of her time supporting Berkeley founders as an investment partner for Arrow Capital, a student-run VC fund on campus that invests exclusively into Berkeley-affiliated startups. Through Arrow Capital, Amy has been able to forge relationships with many different entrepreneurship-focused organizations on campus and meet all kinds of interesting founders. Amy enjoys exploring the Bay Area, playing board games, watching movies, and singing karaoke songs with her friends. Her email is:


Ana Cismaru (EECS + Business, 2023) is from Los Gatos, CA. She envisions one day building a company centered around an interdisciplinary approach between machine learning and neuroscience that offers diagnoses and treatments for brain disorders. In high school, she contributed to computational biology research projects and founded a nonprofit to educate high school students about prejudice. Now, she is a part of the Machine Learning at Berkeley and the M.E.T. Admissions and Marketing committee. In her free time, Ana enjoys exploring restaurants in San Francisco, playing the piano, and attending concerts at the Greek Theater. Her email is:


Andrew Kirillov (EECS + Business, 2022) is from Stony Brook, NY.  He’s always had a passion for enabling others to attain their goals. In high school, Andrew started a club that tutored Syrian refugees in English language arts, so that they could pursue higher education. He went on to build a startup around the online tutoring technology that he and a friend had developed.  This got him interested in the entrepreneurial opportunities surrounding technological innovation.  Andrew’s EECS and Business degrees provide the technical knowledge and business intuition to pursue his goals as well as a nuanced understanding of the interplay between the two. His email is:


Jaiveer Singh (EECS + Business, 2022) is from Dublin, CA. Jaiveer has always a fascination with both imagining the future and making it happen today.  He’s brought many creations to life, from smart-fridge cameras to Alexa-enabled breakfast robots. Not everything he works on is as outlandish; some of the projects Jaiveer is proudest of include a smartwatch for the visually impaired and a ball-launching device for Special Olympics athletes. His long-term goals are pretty fluid. Whichever path he ends up taking, Jaiveer is confident that the M.E.T. dual degrees will prepare him for what’s ahead. His email is:


Kai Chorazewicz (ME + Business, 2022) is from Simi Valley, CA.  Kai enjoys exploring areas in between the lines, seeking to unite multiple disciplines to resolve issues that have long been in existence. In Simi Valley, Kai led an initiative in which he recycled scrap metal and forged it into jewelry. At Berkeley, Kai organized a free food newsletter to assist those with food insecurity. Kai’s latest project is with the Berkeley National Lab where he is conducting research on energy storage solutions. Kai hopes to use his dual degrees to engineer this technology while also bringing it out of the lab and into the market. Kai’s email is:


Pedro Pachuca (EECS + Business, 2023) is from Pleasanton, CA. Pedro is very interested in Computer Security, Machine Learning, and Entrepreneurship. He feels that M.E.T. offers the perfect opportunity to operate in each area at the highest level. At Berkeley, he delves into these areas through Machine Learning @ Berkeley, his startup co-founded with another M.E.T. student, and upper-division Computer Security. In the past, Pedro has founded startups, spoken to Congress, and done research in Computer Security and Machine Learning. He was born in Juarez, Mexico and believes in helping the underprivileged exercise their talents and engage with the international academic community. His email is:


Sravya Basvapatri (EECS + Business, 2022) is from Philadelphia, PA. Sravya loves how new ideas come to life at the intersection of business and technology. She’s interested in building process efficiency and growing early-stage programs and startups. On campus, she’s currently at Orientation Mentor for Cal’s Golden Bear Orientation, helping strengthen new students’ transition into college, and works as a Student Supervisor at the Jacobs Institute of Design, helping students prototype their ideas. In her free time, she loves exploring creative arts, from crocheting to painting to paper quilling! Her email is:











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