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Deepshika Dhanasekar

Deepshika Dhanasekar, M.E.T. ’21

Major: EECS + Business

Home Town: Ashburn, VA

High School: Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Alexandria, VA

Internship: Apple, Cupertino, CA

Deepshika Dhanasekar’s varied interests range from Indian folk dancing to artificial intelligence research—but where the creative and technical come together in product design is where she finds true satisfaction. “I am very interested in design thinking and the intersection between business and product design,” she says. “I’d like to go into product management or research and development at a technology company.”

“The M.E.T. Office is a really nice base for our cohort on campus. It has a great ambiance and is fully stocked with snacks. I typically find several other students there and it’s a good place to hang out with them and do homework. You can even come after hours so there is always a study space available for us.”

 Why M.E.T.

“I think the broader perspective offered by my M.E.T. dual degree will really help with product development. Although I had heard very good things about UC Berkeley, I was at first a little hesitant to come here because it’s a big school. But the M.E.T. program made it feel like a much smaller, tight-knit community.”

Activities at CAL

Voyager Consulting student-run consulting group, competitive and data analysis, Air Canada

Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, Undergraduate Mentorship Program

Cal Bhangra Indian folk dancing team

Berkeley Women in Business

High School Accomplishments

  • George Mason University, data analysis and signal processing, research intern
  • Yearbook, editor in chief
  • International Night, multicultural talent show, co-director and choreographer
  • City library computer volunteer

Advice for M.E.T. Applicants

“People sometimes try to be someone they are not during the application interview, but that often shows through. It’s important to be yourself and talk about your passions, and it doesn’t have to just be your passion for engineering and business. For example, I think a lot of what makes a good entrepreneur is their passion for other creative pursuits and how they apply that knowledge to engineering and business.”

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