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Q: What is the Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology (M.E.T.) program?

A: Berkeley’s Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology program aims to educate leaders with a seamless understanding of technology innovation, from idea to real-world impact. M.E.T. students earn two Bachelor of Science degrees in one program that combines the best of the top-ranked College of Engineering and Haas School of Business. Its integrated curriculum enables students to complete their two degrees within four years, while internships, career coaching and other enrichment activities provide ample opportunity for hands-on practice with technology innovation. Each M.E.T. cohort is small, allowing for close mentoring and a tight-knit community.

Q: What makes M.E.T. unique?

A: Graduates of the M.E.T. program earn two full, unabridged undergraduate degrees—a B.S. in Business Administration and a B.S. in either Bioengineering (BioE), Civil Engineering (CE), Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS), Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR), or Materials Science & Engineering (MSE), Mechanical Engineering (ME). M.E.T. students receive mentoring and coaching, robust internship opportunities and a curriculum tailored for future technology leaders.

Q: I’m a current Berkeley student. Can I get into M.E.T.?

A: Beginning 2021, current UC Berkeley students can apply to M.E.T. through the Continuing Student Admissions process.

Q: As an M.E.T. student, can I transfer to another major in engineering or elsewhere?

A: Students should apply to the major they’re really interested in and not count on changing their major after they are admitted. If they find that the major they applied for is not a good fit, they would have to complete a full semester of study – and in some cases a full year – before they could apply for a change of major in the college of engineering. If they change their major to one not in the M.E.T. program – say Nuclear Engineering – then they would no longer be in the M.E.T. program. Applicants can apply to Berkeley M.E.T.’s Engineering Undeclared + Business first-year track. Engineering Undeclared + Business students explore major options in their first year and then select one of the six engineering tracks offered through M.E.T.

Q: Do IB/AP scores count for credit?

A: Qualifying scores on IB/AP tests may count for credit. Please review the Exam Credit Guidelines for more information.

Q: Can M.E.T. students pursue a minor?

A: Yes, M.E.T. students can pursue a minor if they work with their M.E.T. academic advisor to plan how a minor can fit into their schedules.

Q: Is the M.E.T. curriculum different from regular engineering or business coursework?

A: M.E.T. students enroll in the same high-caliber Berkeley courses as students who are pursuing degrees in Bioengineering (BioE), Civil Engineering (CE), Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS), Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR), Materials Science & Engineering (MSE), Mechanical Engineering (ME) or Business Administration. M.E.T.’s integrated curriculum plan is designed to allow students to complete two degrees in four years. In addition, M.E.T. students will complete two new courses customized for the program, drawing from entrepreneurship offerings developed by Berkeley Engineering’s Sutardja Center and Berkeley-Haas’s Lean Launch approach.

Q: How exactly are business and engineering integrated in this program?

A: The M.E.T. program team works exclusively with M.E.T. students to integrate the engineering and business curriculum plans and provide M.E.T. students with professional development, internship opportunities, company excursions and other experiences that allow for real-world learning.

Q: What is the workload like? Will I take double the course load to complete the two degrees?

A: The M.E.T. coursework is designed for you to complete two full B.S. degrees in four years. A minimum of 120 units are required to graduate; you can complete degree requirements without taking double the course load. You can see a sample 4-year plan for each available M.E.T. academic track.

Q: How strict is the four-year graduation timeline?

A: There is very little wiggle room – graduation dates are extended only for extenuating circumstances, or for the possibility of study abroad (all degree requirements must have been fulfilled). Haas and Engineering require that students graduate during the class year they are admitted for.

Q: Would it be possible to change engineering tracks once in the M.E.T. program?

A: This is dependent upon how many exam credits and/or college coursework the admit enters with. If they have a lot of credit and can pass out of several required courses, then it’s possible for them to take some classes outside of their major.

Students unsure of what to major in are encouraged to apply to Engineering Undeclared + Business where they can explore different engineering disciplines.

Q: What are the prerequisites for applying?

A: M.E.T. applicants must meet UC Berkeley’s basic admission requirements. The M.E.T. program is small and selective, enrolling students with exceptional academic records and a demonstrated interest in combining engineering and business.

Q: How do I apply to M.E.T.?

A: Applications for freshman admission to the M.E.T. program are available beginning in October of the year prior to the year in which you would enter UC Berkeley. The application filing period is November 1-30. Applicants must first submit a completed UC application by 11:59pm PST November 30 and submit a M.E.T. supplemental essay by 11:59pm PST December 15, 2021. To learn more, visit Freshmen applicants to M.E.T. may apply for two simultaneously earned B.S. degrees in one of the following tracks:

  • Engineering Undeclared + Business
  • BioE + Business (Bioengineering and Business Administration)
  • CE + Business (Civil Engineering and Business Administration)
  • EECS + Business (Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences and Business Administration)
  • IEOR + Business (Industrial Engineering & Operations Research and Business Administration)
  • MSE + Business (Materials Science & Engineering and Business Administration)
  • ME + Business (Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration)

Q: Where is M.E.T. located on the UC Berkeley application?

A: The new UC application defaults to category view to see the major choices but we recommend applicants toggle to the college view instead. To apply to the program, you will need to choose one of the seven M.E.T. engineering tracks found under both Haas School of Business and College of Engineering.

Q: Where can I find the supplemental essay prompt?

A: You can find the supplemental essay by clicking the Admissions tab and choosing M.E.T. Supplemental Essay.

Q: How do I submit my supplemental essay?

A: M.E.T. applicants must first complete the UC application and choose one of the M.E.T. engineering tracks. After submitting your UC application, students will receive an email with a link to the M.E.T. Supplemental Essay Form. This typically takes 5-7 business days. In some cases, this email may get misrouted to spam or other folders in your inbox. It is your responsibility to check your email. The deadline to submit your supplemental essay form is December 15, 2021. If you do not submit your essay by the deadline, you will not be considered for admission to the M.E.T. Program.

Q: Is the M.E.T. Supplemental Essay also due on November 30?

A: No, the supplemental essay is due 11:59pm PST on December 15, 2021. You can begin working on the supplemental essay now. The prompt is on our website.

Q: It’s been more than 7 business days since I submitted my UC application and am still waiting to receive my supplemental essay form. What should I do?

A: Sometimes there can be a delay on when students receive the supplemental essay form. While it typically takes 5-7 business days, sometimes it can take longer. There’s nothing the M.E.T office or the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA) can do to expedite the process. Our recommendation is for students to begin writing their M.E.T. Supplemental Essay now and have it ready to submit once they do receive the form.

Q: With UC Berkeley no longer using SAT/ACT exams in the review process, does this mean that UC Berkeley is “test-blind”?

A: Our admissions team works in partnership with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  The Admissions team released a FAQ about changes to testing policy.  They are the best resource to get the latest information about testing policy.

Q: Are interviews being conducted this year?

A: No, in lieu of interviews we are asking applicants to submit a video essay instead.

Q: What does an invitation to submit a video essay mean?

A:  In some cases additional information is needed, and you may receive a request to record a video essay. Video essay requests are by invitation only and will be emailed mid-January. Videos must be submitted by 11:59 pm PST on January 19, 2022. It is your responsibility to check your email inbox for information and submit your video essay by the deadline.

Q:  Are video essays required?

A: If a video essay was requested, you are required to submit a video essay.

Q: When will I hear back from UC Berkeley about the admissions decision?

A: Applicants who are admitted to the M.E.T. program will be notified in either February or March of the following year.

Q: Is there a waitlist for M.E.T.?

A: No, there is no waitlist for M.E.T.

Q: Is there an appeal process for those who are not accepted to M.E.T.?

A: We regret that we are unable to offer admission to all qualified applicants, however, there is no appeal process for the M.E.T. program. Every application has gone through extensive reviews, and admissions decisions to the program are final. If you have any questions about the admissions process, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Q: Can I transfer into the M.E.T. program once I start at Cal?

A: Freshman applicants who were not accepted to the M.E.T. program may apply to the M.E.T. program through the Continuing Admissions process launching in 2021. More details can be found here.

Q: If I am not selected for the M.E.T. program, am I still eligible for other majors at Berkeley?

A: M.E.T. is highly competitive. The number of admitted applicants is kept small to ensure close mentoring and a tight-knit cohort. Applicants who are not admitted to the M.E.T. program will be automatically considered for admission to Berkeley Engineering’s BioE, CE, EECS, IEOR, MSE or ME majors. However, admission to these majors is not guaranteed. 

Q: Can I select a different fallback major option outside of Engineering in College of Engineering?

No, applicants cannot select M.E.T. as a major choice and an alternate major in College of Letters & Sciences or Business Administration through Berkeley-Haas.

Q: Does being denied from M.E.T. count negatively against you when considered for BioE, CE, EECS, IEOR, MSE, or ME?

A: No, it does not count negatively against you.

Q: I am planning to transfer to UC Berkeley from a community college and/or from another college/university. Am I eligible to apply to this program? A: Only students enrolled in the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley are eligible to apply to the M.E.T. Program. The program is not open to junior transfers from another university or college. In addition, we cannot review applications from students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree.

Q: I am currently a first-year student at L&S and also undeclared. Is it possible for me to fill out an application for M.E.T.?A: Please refer to the College of Engineering’s Change of College policy for information regarding the change of college application process. Only students enrolled in the College of Engineering at UC Berkeley are eligible to apply to the M.E.T. Program.

Q: I applied to M.E.T. during my senior year of high school and was not admitted to the program. Can I apply again?

A: If you are a current UC Berkeley student in the College of Engineering majoring in one of the current M.E.T. tracks, you are eligible to apply to M.E.T. during the fall semester of your sophomore year.

Q: I was placed on the waitlist for M.E.T., do I need to apply as a continuing student for admission consideration? Am I more likely to be admitted if I was previously on the waitlist?

A: Regardless of previous waitlist status all continuing student applicants interested in M.E.T. enrollment during their junior year must apply. Waitlist status does not impact your candidacy.

Q: Will I get access to M.E.T. program events/programming as an applicant?

A: No, only students currently enrolled in the M.E.T. program have access to events and programming. 

Q: When will students accepted to M.E.T. through the continuing admissions process take the required special topics courses?

A: The first year M.E.T. Special Topics course cannot be taken until the fall semester of third year for admitted continuing students.

Q: Can I make appointments with the M.E.T. program team to work on my academic plan?

A: Individual pre-admission advising appointments are not offered at this time. Applicants are advised to use the M.E.T. Four-Year Plan Worksheet for their engineering track to create a manageable plan that meets all of the requirements. We encourage prospective applicants to view our admissions webinar recording for more information.

Q: Can I still apply even if I haven’t completed all the prerequisite coursework?

A: Outside of Haas prerequisite courses, the absence of an engineering or breadth course may not preclude your candidacy. You must take a minimum of 2 technical courses that fulfill the requirements for your engineering degree each semester.

If you are unable to enroll in a class listed in the first two years of your plan of study, please note on your application why you were unable to take it and when you intend to take it instead.

Q: I took Foundations of Data Science and a Connector course for Stats, how should I enter this in the application?

A: Please input the courses as separate entries both under the Statistics prerequisite in the Academic Record.

Q: Can taking courses P/NP in Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021 affect my admission decision?

A: Admission to the M.E.T. program is competitive and highly selective. Grades in prerequisite courses are essential in helping us assess a student’s ability to handle the academic rigor of the program. Therefore the admission committee prefers that students take courses for Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 for a letter grade. If you opt to take a prerequisite for Haas or a required course as allowed by the College of Engineering P/NP, the M.E.T. admissions committee will require that you submit a letter from the professor or the department stating what the letter grade would have been.

Taking prerequisites during Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 for P/NP or failing to submit a letter could adversely affect your admission decision.

Q: I took a prerequisite for P/NP outside of Spring 2020. How will that impact my application?

A: If you took a prerequisite for P/NP in a semester other than Spring 2020, the actual letter grade will factor into your admission decision. You will be required to either:

  1. upload a letter from the professor or department stating what the letter grade would have been or
  2. indicate that your professor or department will email the letter grade to Email must come from a account or
  3. indicate that the letter grade is included in the comments section of E-grades.

You will be prompted to select one of the above methods after submitting your application. If you select the first or second option, please include in the subject line [PNP grade verification] along with your first and last name and the last 4 digits of your SID. In the body, please also highlight the portion where the professor shares your grade. This will help our team quickly find the information we need.

Note: The deadline to submit the form and letter documentation is January 6, 2022 at 4:00pm PT.

Q: I accidentally selected the “Continuing Student Application” for Berkeley-Haas consideration instead of M.E.T. How can I switch my selected application type?

A: Please email We will initiate a one-time application switch. Allow for 2 business days for the request to be processed. Note: we will not issue an application change after the November 30 deadline.

Q: Can I withdraw my application after submitting it?

A: Yes, January 29, 20220 is the last day to withdraw your application. If you wish to withdraw your application from consideration you must do so via e-mail by 4:00pm. Please write in the subject [M.E.T. application withdrawal]. In the body, it should include your name, last 4 digits of your SID and indicate that you wish to withdraw your application from consideration for the Fall 2021 application cycle. E-mails should be sent to

Q: If I am not admitted to M.E.T., can I still be considered for admission to Haas? A: Yes. If you opt to apply to the M.E.T. program, you will be part of a sub-pool of candidates within the Haas general pool. This means you will still be considered for admission to the Haas Undergraduate Program even if you aren’t admitted to the M.E.T. program.

Q: When will I find out if I am admitted to M.E.T.?

A: You will receive an admissions decision on February 8, 2022.

Q: I applied to M.E.T. but don’t have my sophomore year grades yet, how will my candidacy be reviewed?

A: Sophomore year grades will be taken into consideration to assess your candidacy. 

Q: Will I get guaranteed housing and priority registration when admitted to M.E.T.?

A: The Housing guarantee is only available to M.E.T. students during their freshman year. As with our current M.E.T. junior and senior classes, enrollment appointments for admitted M.E.T. continuing students will be determined by the number of semesters a student has completed at UC Berkeley.

Q: How many students will be accepted?

A: Admissions through the M.E.T. continuing student admissions process will be limited to 5-10 students per academic year.

Q: Is there a waitlist?

A: No, there isn’t a waitlist.

Q: Is there an appeal process?

A: We regret that we are unable to offer admission to all qualified applicants, however, there is no appeal process for the M.E.T. program. Every application has gone through extensive reviews, and admissions decisions to the program are final.

Q: Is there a minimum GPA required to apply?

A: A minimum UC G.P.A. of 3.0 is required.

Q: I received a C- in a prerequisite course, should I repeat it?

A: No – the admission committee will always start with the first attempt at a prerequisite. If you received a C- or higher for the first attempt the prerequisite should not be repeated. If you received a D+ or lower in a prerequisite the course must be repeated until you receive at least a C-. The D+ will still be considered because it is your first attempt.

Q: Can I switch engineering majors during the application process or after being admitted to the M.E.T. program?

A: No, once you’ve submitted your continuing UC Berkeley student application to the M.E.T. program you cannot change your engineering major.

Q: I forgot to show my ID during my video interview. What should I do?

Please send a copy of your photo ID (school, license, etc.) to and cc with and we will upload it to your application.

Q: I used both my attempts for the video interview but I want to submit my application without the video interview, how do I delete it?

A: If after your second attempt you choose not to proceed with the video interview upload, please email with this request using [Video Interview] as the subject line and the video interview will not be considered.

Q: My question wasn’t answered. Who can I reach out to for more advice?

A: Please email our team:









Q: Will I have time to do other things at Berkeley while getting two time intensive degrees?

A: Without a doubt, M.E.T. is demanding, calling for motivation and a clear sense of direction. However, here at Berkeley, countless student activities and cultural offerings are right at your fingertips. The Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, for example, is a beehive of activity for students interested in hands-on making and prototyping.

Q: Do M.E.T. students have a designated housing facility? 

A: No, M.E.T. students do not have their own designated housing facility. They apply to on-campus housing the same way as all incoming freshmen. When applying for housing students will be able to submit their preferences, and we find that in the end most everyone gets housing that works for them. Current M.E.T. students are living on campus, anywhere from Foothill to Clark Kerr to the Units, and even Bowles Hall.

Q: Are M.E.T. students guaranteed housing?

A: M.E.T. students are guaranteed placement in a University Residence for their freshman and sophomore year as long as the Housing Office application, payment and acceptance offer deadlines are met. The M.E.T. housing benefit does not guarantee that you will receive your top choice(s) in housing preference. However, as the Housing Office does its best to honor housing preferences, we find that most students receive one of their top 3 choices.

Q: Is there a benefit to applying for housing early?

A: The Housing Office takes many different factors into account when determining housing assignments. Assignment preferences are not given based on when applications are received, as long as they’re submitted by the deadline. That said, turning in your housing application before the deadline is always recommended.

Q: Can M.E.T. students study abroad?

A: It’s definitely possible for students to study abroad during the summers or complete summer internships abroad. We encourage you to meet with your M.E.T. advisor to learn how studying abroad fits your schedule. 

Q: Will M.E.T. students have opportunities to intern at innovative companies like Facebook and Google?

A: M.E.T. provides you with opportunities, including industry mentoring and access to Berkeley’s Career Center and extensive alumni networks, to pursue hands-on, real-world experience with technology management and entrepreneurship. While internships are not a degree requirement, we have designed the M.E.T. curriculum path so that you can complete your internships during your summers. We encourage you to explore internships in both business and engineering. The M.E.T. Student Board created an internship visualization showing where students have interned in the past years.

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