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Louie McConnell

Louie McConnell, M.E.T. ’21

Home Town: Los Altos Hills, CA

High School: Bellarmine College Preparatory, San Jose, CA

Internship: Area 1 Security, Redwood City, CA (summer 2018)

Louie McConnell is a maker at heart. When his father suffered temporary deafness, he made a device to help him hear emergency vehicles while driving. When Louie took up diving, he made a water-tight speed controller for an underwater sea scooter. When he was in high school, he made a laboratory just for student makers. And when he applied to colleges, he made Berkeley M.E.T. his program of choice.

“I am a person who always wants to be trying something new, and Berkeley and San Francisco are great for that. There isn’t an hour of the day when there isn’t something going on, on campus or off, and that makes it easy to fill your days with exciting, enriching experiences.”

 Why M.E.T.

“M.E.T. is a group of extremely hard-working, ambitious people combined with an extraordinary entrepreneurial network. I want to create or join a startup, and one of the things that was really attractive about the program was that I could meet and learn from all these amazing entrepreneurs who have done exactly what I want to do.”

Activities at CAL

KPCB Engineering Fellow

Mobile Developers of Berkeley, developed a group messaging app

Inside Berkeley / M.E.T.

“I came in with a lot of programing experience, so I expected the introductory programming course to be easy, but the ambition and scope of the projects was definitely challenging. These projects have definitely been a highlight of my classes this year.”

High School Accomplishments

  • Bellarmine College Preparatory Maker Space, core member/founder
  • Developed the emergenSee device to help the hearing impaired recognize emergency vehicles (IEEE IoT conference presentation)
  • Research assistant for cyber policy and security, Stanford University
  • Scuba Divemaster and Assistant Instructor
  • Web developer for the African American Community Service Agency, San Jose, CA
  • Tristate Chess Tournament winner (first-place, team; third-place, individual)
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