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M.E.T. Academic Tracks

Students can choose one of the six M.E.T. engineering tracks to major in. Beginning Fall 2020, applicants can select Engineering Undeclared + Business as a first-year track. Engineering Undeclared + Business students must select one of the six M.E.T. engineering tracks by the end of their first year.

Bioengineering (BioE) + Business

Prepare for leadership in the biotech industry while exploring cutting-edge fields like biomedical devices, synthetic biology, tissue engineering, and nanotechnology.

Full information on the BioE + Business program can be found in the
Berkeley Academic Guide.

Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS) + Business

Explore the fundamentals of computer science and electrical engineering, while taking courses in subjects such as finance, competitive strategy, and leadership.

Full information on the EECS + Business program can be found in the 
Berkeley Academic Guide.

Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) + Business

Develop a fundamental understanding of materials from the nano to macro scales while gaining computational skills and business acumen.

Full information on the MSE + Business program can be found in the 
Berkeley Academic Guide.

Civil Engineering (CE) + Business

Learn to develop engineering solutions to societal-scale challenges that are reliable, resilient, and sustainable. CE is the intersection of data structures and natural environments.

Full information on the CE + Business program can be found in the 
Berkeley Academic Guide.

Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR) + Business

Acquire skills to design, create and analyze operations that drive global businesses, while preparing to manage and lead complex industrial systems.

Full information on the IEOR + Business program can be found in the 
Berkeley Academic Guide.

Mechanical Engineering (ME) + Business

Delve into topics from robotics to energy science, control systems design to biomaterials, as well as coursework in macroeconomics and marketing.

Full information on the ME + Business program can be found in the 
Berkeley Academic Guide.

Engineering Undeclared + Business*

Available to freshman applicants beginning Fall 2020.
Interested in business and engineering but unsure of what engineering track is right for you? Select M.E.T. Engineering Undeclared + Business to explore and declare one of the six M.E.T. engineering options your first year.  A sample first year curriculum plan for the Engineering Undeclared + Business program can be found here. Your own course of study will depend on your pre-college preparation, including AP course credits and other individual circumstances.

*If you have been admitted to the Engineering Undeclared program, you should be aware of the following policies and procedures:

  • You must complete one semester at UC Berkeley before you can officially declare a major.
  • You must declare a major by the end of your second semester, and if you are in good academic standing you may choose from any of the M.E.T. College of Engineering majors. Good academic standing is defined as having an overall and technical GPA of 2.0 or higher and not being on academic probation or subject to dismissal.
  • You should work closely with Dawn Kramer and your ESS Adviser to explore major options.
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