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M.E.T. Supplemental Essay Prompts

Freshman Admissions:

After submitting your UC Berkeley application, you will be asked to complete a supplemental essay for M.E.T.

The Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology (M.E.T.) program seeks inquisitive, self-motivated students with a passion for finding and solving big problems.

The following essay question is designed to provoke honest, thoughtful responses to help us get to know you. It gives you the opportunity to provide unique information about yourself, your interests and reasons for applying to the program. In addition to content, essays are evaluated for writing and critical thinking ability, skill in organizing and presenting thoughts, and the relevance of your answer to the question posed.

“Describe how the Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program in Engineering and Business at UC Berkeley will help you to achieve your goals and how your background and/or experiences may be a good fit for this program.” Your response is limited to 350 words.


Continuing Student Admissions:

Essay prompt will be posted here. Check back for updates. 


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