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ME + Business

If you’re intrigued by the challenge of taking a product from concept to marketplace, the Mechanical Engineering + Business track may be the right opportunity for you.

From product design to energy science, robotics to biomaterials, control systems to manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering (ME) encompasses a broad range of research areas that can be applied to a diverse group of industries. Your ME classes will lay the groundwork for you to develop meaningful technologies that can have a powerful impact on individual lives as well as our global society.

This coursework — paired with essential business classes in macroeconomics, accounting and marketing, among others — will prepare you to implement technical solutions to real-world problems in any type of enterprise. With opportunities for hands-on experience, research positions and internships, you’ll have all the tools needed to thrive in your future career as a technology leader and innovator.

A sample curriculum plan for the ME + Business program is shown below. Your own course of study will depend on your pre-college preparation, including AP course credits and other individual circumstances. For more information on the ME + Business degree program and requirements view the suggested plan of study below.

ME+ Business

Key: Engineering Business M.E.T.

Freshman year


ENG 25 Visualization for Design

MATH 1A Calculus

CHEM 1A/ 1L General Chemistry & General Chemistry Lab

Reading & Composition

ECON 1 Introduction to Economics

M.E.T. Special Topics



ENG 7 Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists & Engineers

Breadth Course

MATH 1B Calculus

PHYS 7A Physics for Scientists & Engineers

Reading & Composition

UGBA 10 Principles of Business

Sophomore year


ENG 26 Three Dimensional Modeling for Design

ENG 27 Introduction to Manufacturing & Tolerancing

Math 54 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

EL ENG 49 Electronics for the Internet of Things

Breadth Course

Breadth Course


ME 40 Thermodynamics

ME C85 Introduction to Solid Mechanics

Physics 7B Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Breadth Course

MATH 53 Multivariable Calculus


Junior year


ME 104 Engineering Mechanics II

ME 106 Fluid Mechanics

ME 132 Dynamic Systems and Feedback

UGBA 100 Business Communication

UGBA 101A Microeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions

UGBA 106 Marketing



ME 108 Mechanical Behavior of Engineering Materials

ME 109 Heat Transfer

Quantitative Science Requirement

UGBA 101B Macroeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions

UGBA Elective

Senior year


ME 103 Experimentation and Measurements

ME Design Elective

UGBA 102A Introduction to Financial Accounting

UGBA 103 Introduction to Finance

UGBA 104 Analytic Decision Modeling Using Spreadsheets

M.E.T. Special Topics


ME 102B Mechatronics Design

ME Tech Elective

UGBA 102B Introduction to Managerial Accounting

UGBA 105 Leading People

UGBA 107 The Social, Political, and Ethical Environment of Business

UGBA Elective