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MSE + Business – Sample plan of study

MSE+ Business

Key: Engineering Business M.E.T.

Freshman year


MSE 45 & 45L Properties of Materials & Properties of Materials Lab

MATH 1A Calculus

CHEM 1A/ 1L General Chemistry & General Chemistry Lab

Reading & Composition A

M.E.T. Special Topics



ENG 7 Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists and Engineers

Reading & Composition B

MATH 1B Calculus

PHYS 7A Physics for Scientists & Engineers

CHEM 1BGeneral Chemistry


Sophomore year


UGBA 10 Principles of Business

Math 53 Multivariable Calculus
PHYS 7B Physics for Scientists & Engineers

Arts & Literature/AC

STAT/DATA/MSE Elective/Haas Pre-req*


PHYS 89 Introduction to Mathematical Physics

MSE 151Polymeric Materials

PHYS 7CPhysics for Scientists & Engineers

ECON 1 Introduction to Economics

ME C85 Introduction to Solid Mechanics


Junior year


MSE 102B Mechatronics Design

MSE 113 Mechanical Properties of Materials

ENG 40 Engineering Thermodynamics

UGBA 101A Microeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions

UGBA 106 Marketing

Historical Studies AC



MSE 103 Phase Transformations and Kinetics

MSE 111 Properties of Electronic Materials

MSE 112 Corrosion

UGBA 101B Macroeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions

UGBA 100 Business Communication

UGBA Elective

International Studies


Senior year


MSE 120 series course

MSE 130 Experimental Materials Science and Design

UGBA 102A Introduction to Financial Accounting

UGBA 103 Introduction to Finance

UGBA 104 Analytic Decision Modeling Using Spreadsheets

M.E.T. Special Topics


MSE 104 Materials Characterization

Upper division ENG elective

UGBA 102B Introduction to Managerial Accounting

UGBA 107 The Social, Political, and Ethical Environment of Business

UGBA 105 Leading People

UGBA Elective

*STAT 134, 140, IND ENG 172, or COMPSCI C100/STAT C100 + Stat 88 Connector