Preparing Students for Success

M.E.T. challenges all aspects of your intellectual curiosity and initiative. Chances are you’ve already excelled in the educational offerings at your high school. M.E.T. takes that a step further, giving you the freedom to test yourself in real-world situations.

Solve problems as a critical thinker, grounded in math, science, and the liberal arts. Move from the “what if” to the “here’s how” as an innovator and entrepreneur. Open your future to careers that will call for a dual understanding of business and engineering.

After all, even the most innovative tech invention won’t take you very far if you don’t have the knowledge to transform it into a proof of concept, a new product, or even your own start-up.

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We are a very cooperative and welcoming group. When you walk into the M.E.T. office, there are usually people working on projects together, and you can always ask someone to read over your essay or help you debug some code. Everyone is willing to help.

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Michelle L.

Technology Investment Banking Analyst

Morgan Stanley

IEOR + Business ’21

A Visionary Team

The M.E.T. program team provides dedicated support to each student’s academic and professional achievement. Our team bridges the resources offered by Berkeley-Haas and the College of Engineering to create a seamless undergraduate experience. We’re here to assist students as they navigate a uniquely challenging workload by offering personalized support, providing dedicated recruiting opportunities, and being partners when making informed career-based decisions.

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A Comprehensive Curriculum

The M.E.T. program boldly integrates engineering and business curriculum plans with the vision of entrepreneurship. It provides students with professional development, internship opportunities, and company excursions. In tandem, students receive the same high-caliber Berkeley courses as students pursuing degrees in Bioengineering (BioE), Civil Engineering (CE), Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (EECS), Industrial Engineering & Operations Research (IEOR), Materials Science & Engineering (MSE), Mechanical Engineering (ME), and Business Administration.

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A Brief Timeline


The M.E.T. program launches with support of benefactors and alumni, Janelle Grimes (B.A. PoliSci ’86) and Michael Grimes of Morgan Stanley (B.S. EECS ’87).


The Entrepreneurial Fellows Program is launched, providing M.E.T. students with internships at emerging startups.


M.E.T. 2.0 starts with the hiring of the Inaugural M.E.T. Faculty Director.
First class graduates!


M.E.T. celebrates its 5-year anniversary. The Continuing Student Admissions pathway launches.