The M.E.T. Student

You’re ready. We’ll help you get there.

The Management, Engineering, & Technology program is for students like you. Students who want to:

  • Solve big problems with a wide breadth of educational knowledge.
  • Move ideas to innovation.
  • Explore careers that meet at the intersection of business and engineering.

You’re in a hurry to prove yourself. You’re ready to stretch your expertise and strengthen your skills.

Some M.E.T. graduates will start their own companies, while others will lead innovation from within established enterprises. Wherever you want to go, M.E.T. will get you there.

Big School Feel, Small Cohort Experience

At a big campus like Berkeley, the M.E.T. program stands apart. You’re one of a cohort of 50, immersed in a collegial, collaborative community with plenty of one-on-one time with classmates, professors, advisers, and career coaches.

In our small community, students reach out to support each other. You’ll often find them at the M.E.T. Collaboration Space, the hub of student interaction, where you can get help with homework, team up on projects, and share your experiences in a comfortable lounge stocked with snacks.

A vibrant exchange of ideas is the norm here. You’ll form friendships and professional contacts that will last a lifetime, so it’s not uncommon to meet future co-workers or even the team for your first startup.

Student Voices

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  • photo of Aadhrik

    UC Berkeley is by far one of the most entrepreneur-focused schools. It’s incredible to see how intent people are on building something. Even in my freshman year, a group of us made a startup. It was a super cool experience, and something I learned a lot from. We learned how to start something from scratch, come up with designs, build out a UI, make a website, pitch the VCs, and sell something. The resources for entrepreneurship at Cal are incredible.

    Aadhrik K.

    EECS + Business ’22

  • photo of Alba

    The other M.E.T students are great. We all come from different parts of the globe. It’s always great to talk to people who’ve had such different experiences, but have a lot of similarities as well. We have a pretty active Messenger group chat, as well as a Discord channel, and there are always a bunch of game nights we have throughout the month.

    Alba J.

    ME + Business ’24

  • photo of Leah

    Coming into Berkeley as a freshman, I wasn’t expecting to be able to talk to industry leaders and entrepreneurs who have so much experience and success in their fields. That’s definitely something I’m thankful for.

    Leah K.

    Business Analyst

    Activate Consulting

    IEOR + Business ’21

  • My favorite thing about M.E.T has to be the close-knit cohort of like-minded peers. In my year alone, there are tons of students talking on group chats, completing projects, entering competitions, and making startups together. I even have some of my closest friends within the department.

    Jasmine B.

    EECS + Business ’23

  • The MET collaboration space is somewhere I’ve made friends, done a lot of my homework, and made connections. Berkeley is a really big campus, and having a cozy spot where you can do your work while hanging out with friends is really important.

    Alex Z.

    EECS + Business ’21

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