Who Can Apply

Current UC Berkeley College of Engineering sophomores majoring in an M.E.T. academic track are eligible to apply to the M.E.T. program during the spring of their sophomore year. If admitted, students will join M.E.T. during their junior year.

Students enrolled in any other College at UC Berkeley, or admitted as junior transfers to UC Berkeley, are not eligible to apply to the M.E.T. program. In addition, we cannot review applications from students who’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree.

We suggest UC Berkeley students who intend to apply to the M.E.T. program develop an academic plan of study that satisfies the degree requirements of both the College of Engineering and Haas School of Business. Applicants are welcome to use the M.E.T. Four-Year Plan Worksheet for their engineering track to create a manageable plan that meets all the degree requirements. The plan of study may not exceed the maximum 20.5 units per semester for each of the 4 semesters while in M.E.T. (Summer does not apply).


Characteristics of a Successful Applicant

  • Excellent academic performance in grades, course load, and required prerequisite courses
  • Focused and self-motivated, with a passion for finding and solving big problems
  • Demonstrated innovative and creative spirit and drive
  • Consistent and thoughtful leadership and participation in extracurricular activities
  • Exceptional interpersonal, analytical, and communication skills

Watch Our Continuing Student Admissions Webinar

Admissions Process and Timeline

The goal of the admissions review process is to holistically evaluate an applicant’s overall fit for the program. Essay prompts can be found here. To give voice to their story, all applicants are invited to submit a video interview in addition to their written essays. The video interview is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.

  • March 1: Applications open.
  • April 3: Submission deadline. You must press the “Submit Application” button on the Review page by 4:00pm (PST) on April 3. It is your responsibility to follow all instructions and submit the application by this deadline. Late applications and/or materials will not be accepted.
  • May 24: Last day to withdraw your application. If you wish to withdraw your application from consideration you must do so via e-mail by 4:00pm (PST). Please write in the subject [M.E.T. application withdrawal]. In the body, it should include your name, last 4 digits of your SID and indicate that you wish to withdraw your application from consideration for the Spring M.E.T. application cycle. E-mails should be sent to
  • Mid-June: Admissions decisions released.

Deadlines at a Glance

Deadlines Date
Applications Open March 1
Submission Deadline April 3
Last day to withdraw your application May 24
Admissions decisions released Mid-June

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

  • Admission to the M.E.T. program is competitive and highly-selective. Grades in prerequisite courses are essential in helping us assess a student’s ability to handle the academic rigor of the program, so the admission committee requires that students take prerequisite courses for a letter grade. (Breadth and/or H/SS classes are not considered prerequisites and may be taken P/NP). If you’ve taken a prerequisite for Haas or a required course as allowed by the College of Engineering during Fall 2021 or Spring 2022 as P/NP, the M.E.T. admissions committee will require you to submit a letter from the professor or department stating what the letter grade would have been. Taking prerequisites P/NP, or failing to submit a letter, could adversely affect your admission decision.
  • Completion of all prerequisite courses1 (with a minimum of 3 semester units) for a letter grade of C- or higher by the end of the Spring term prior to your anticipated start at Berkeley M.E.T. Students with exam credit may be exempt from certain admission requirements; view the M.E.T. Exam Credit Guidelines for requirements that may be filled with credit. (Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, prerequisites taken during Spring 2020 may be taken P/NP and will not affect your admission decision).
  • A minimum overall and technical UC GPA of 3.0.2
  • Applicants are required to complete the first two years3, 4 of the M.E.T. track to which they are applying:

1 Once at UC Berkeley, all prerequisites must be completed at UC Berkeley. If non-UC Berkeley college-level course work was completed before admission into UC Berkeley, it can be used to satisfy prerequisite or breadth requirements (with the exception of Principles of Business [UGBA 10], which must be taken at UC Berkeley). If off-campus work was completed at a California community college, visit the Assist website,, for courses at each school that fulfill the prerequisite or breadth requirements.

Outside of Haas prerequisites, the absence of an engineering breadth course does not preclude your candidacy. You must take a minimum of 2 technical classes that fulfill the requirements for your engineering degree each semester.

If you were unable to enroll in a class listed in the first two years of your plan of study, please note on your application why you were unable to take the course during your first two years and when you intend to take it.

2 If you’ve repeated or taken more than one course to fulfill a prerequisite, you must use the first attempt to satisfy the requirement. If you received a C- or higher for your first attempt, you should not repeat the prerequisite.

3 The first year M.E.T. Special Topics course cannot be taken until the fall semester of third year for admitted continuing students.

4 Breadth is not required for admission, but you must successfully complete the M.E.T. Breadth Requirements. Although breadth coursework is not required for admission, students are encouraged to spread breadth courses over 4 years. With the exception of UGBA 107, business courses cannot be used to satisfy M.E.T. Breadth Requirements. Read the “College Requirements” section of your M.E.T. track’s Berkeley Academic Guide for more information about the M.E.T. Breadth Requirements and exclusions.